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In our ongoing efforts to give back to our community, the Men and Women of the Yarmouth Police Department have completed our special ‚ÄėBeards for a Benefit‚Äô fundraiser with $6,735 raised to support Children's Cove - The Cape & Island's Child Advocacy Center.
In support of Children's Cove--- an award winning agency that provides a compassionate, efficient, child-friendly facility for child abuse intervention--- Yarmouth Police Officers who donated a minimum of $100 dollars, was allowed to be able to grow facial hair for the first time in our history, from November 26th to February 24th.
Most of the Police Officers and Emergency 911 Dispatchers have shaved their beards off by now, but we have a few who were allowed to wear theirs for one extra month if they volunteered for the Polar Plunge for Seniors or gave blood at the Nicholas G. Xiarhos Memorial Blood Drive for Cape Cod Healthcare.
The Command Staff of the Yarmouth Police Department highly commends all of the employees involved in this program; as well as the Yarmouth Police Relief Association, and everyone from our public who made a donation, and extend our deepest thanks and respect to the men and women of Children’s Cove who dedicate their lives to helping children in need.
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It is hard to believe the Massachusetts State Senate would support the legislation in the press release below. The Yarmouth Police Department does our best to hire the best Officers who will be protecting you. It is my duty to hire the best! This legislation passed by the State Senate will hamper a proper background check by allowing improper persons to hide who they really are. It will also protect those who have been hired by shielding their social media accounts from investigations into wrong doing.

I am very discouraged by the lack of thought by our State Senators who support this bill.

It is also amazing how the Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association continues to file and support legislation for the public’s protection and our bills get ignored. We have had one bill filed for over 25 years and it is still blocked by politics.

I am very frustrated with the lack of support that Police get from our Legislators. I must add that the two Yarmouth Representatives are an exception. They have been energetic and very supportive but the statewide politics hamper their ability to persevere.


Chief Frank G. Frederickson
The Yarmouth Police Department

Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association
353 Providence Road, South Grafton, MA 01560

Monday, March 19, 2018

Chief Brian Kyes Chief Steven Wojnar
Legislative Chair President
(617) 594-2111 (508) 328-4659

On Thursday, March 15th, the Massachusetts Senate voted to further restrict the powers of local Police Chiefs to protect the citizens of the Commonwealth by limiting our ability to ensure that we are able to conduct thorough background investigations so that only the best and most qualified candidates become police officers.

A bill filed by Senator Creem of Newton (Senate Bill 2320 - An Act Relative to Social Media Privacy Protection) would have outright restricted the ability of Police Chiefs to access certain social media platforms of police recruit applicants as well as active police officer investigations who come under scrutiny for unethical or immoral behavior involving their use of social media. The Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association filed an amendment, sponsored by Senator Michael Moore of Millbury that would have provided an exemption to Police Chiefs acting specifically for these designated purposes, allowing them to access this vital information in an ongoing effort to increase public safety in our respective communities. While we are extremely grateful and applaud Sen. Moore for his continued support and efforts on our behalf, the Senate, nonetheless, adopted what we feel is a "watered-down" version of this amendment that has severely impeded and limited our ability to provide the appropriate safeguards that we feel were needed to protect the public from those who either tarnish the badge and/or cause irreparable harm to the reputation of our profession.

Our Commonwealth and our country are facing difficult times over the last few years and the suitability of law enforcement officials is something that must receive the highest level of scrutiny. Thursday's vote limits the ability of local Police Chiefs to request or require that prospective candidates who choose to become police officers provide access to their social media accounts. In the interest of transparency, this type of limited access during the background phase is absolutely essential. We all live in what is viewed as the digital age and social media in many instances has become an extension of our personalities and can provide a great deal of insight and information to law enforcement agencies during this initial hiring phase. We all agree, and quite frankly demand, that law enforcement officials are held to a higher standard of ethical and moral conduct, therefor anything that we as Police Chiefs can do to ensure the appropriate suitability of our future police officers must not be compromised.

We respectfully ask the Senate to reconsider this action and look to the Massachusetts House of Representatives to support the integrity and professionalism of law enforcement throughout the Commonwealth. We look forward to continuing this discussion with members of the House of Representatives, and then to a successful collaboration with House, Senate and the Governor to reach an appropriate outcome for this very important public safety matter.
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On Saturday, March 17, 2018 at 9:34PM, Yarmouth Police Department Patrol Officer Justin Haire and Patrol Officer Jason Batchelder went to 10 Ventura Way in South Yarmouth to serve an arrest warrant on Christopher Andrade.

Upon arrival, the Police Officers heard a female subject screaming from the inside of the residence. No one would answer the door and Police Officers could not see inside the home as all curtains and blinds were closed.

Patrol Officer David Dickey arrived and Officers subsequently made a forced entry into the home.

The female who was screaming was located and began screaming at the Police Officers and was uncooperative and refused to answer any questions.

A search of the residence found Andrade hiding under a bed.
Andrade was placed under arrest and transported to Yarmouth Police Department Headquarters.

Since the warrants were non-bailable, Andrade was held at Yarmouth Police Department Headquarters for the weekend and transported to the Barnstable District Court this morning.

Refer To Arrest: 18-255-AR
Age: 33

Larceny under 250
Assault and Battery on a Household Member

If you, or anyone you know needs help regarding abuse and domestic violence, please call us anytime 24/7 by calling 911 and or reach out to Independence House anytime 24/7 by calling their hotline at 1.800.439.6507
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On March 12, 2018 a Knock and Announce search warrant was obtained from First District Court of Barnstable authorizing the search of 377 Sesuit Neck Road, East Dennis, Massachusetts.

The search warrant authorized officers to search for Cocaine, a Class B controlled substance and evidence related to the distribution of Cocaine.

The search warrant also authorized the search of George Smith and any persons present in the location to be searched.

The search warrant was obtained based on probable cause developed during the investigation into the distribution of Cocaine by George Smith.

On March 16, 2018, at approximately 1300hrs, Yarmouth Police Department lead investigator Detective Scott Lundegren, along with Detective Sergeant Kalil Boghdan, Detective Christopher VanNess, PAC Unit K9 Officer Nick Ambrosini and Detectives from the Dennis Police Department executed the search warrant at 377 Sesuit Neck Road, East Dennis, Massachusetts.

Upon arriving to the location, George Smith was encountered and he directed officers to the rear seat area of his Volvo automobile and stated he had a quantity of cocaine hidden in the bottom of an insulated water tumbler.

Officer Ambrosini and his narcotics K9 partner ‚ÄúGauge‚ÄĚ responded to the vehicle and located the container. From the tumbler, one large bag and two smaller bags of a white powder (cocaine) were recovered along with a small tinfoil packet containing a strip of perforated and colorfully decorated paper (later identified LSD by Smith).

The following items were seized during the search:

White powder (cocaine) in knotted baggies (approximate gross weight 6.1 grams)
Small strip of blotter paper w/design (LSD)
Green Water Tumbler Cup
Pocket Digital Scale
Baggies (w/cut baggie)
Digital Scale

George Smith was placed under arrest and charged with Felony 94c s32 Possession of Class B with Intent To Distribute (Cocaine) and Felony 94c s32 Possession of Class B with Intent To Distribute (LSD)

All items located and seized pursuant to the search warrant and transported to the Yarmouth Police Department for processing as evidence. Using a TruNarc Ramen Spectrometer, a quantity of the white powder seized during the search warrant tested positive for cocaine.

Subsequent to the search warrant, George Smith was transported to the Yarmouth Police Department where he was booked and processed.

Smith was released Friday evening on Personal Recognizance by the Bail Commissioner after paying the $40 Bail Commissioner fee.

Smith is scheduled for arraignment today in the Barnstable District Court.

Refer To Arrest: 18-250-AR
Age: 40

The Yarmouth Police Department continues to make significant violent crime and drug arrests and is committed to protecting our community and our citizens as we transform Yarmouth in to one of the safest communities in the region.

If you, or a loved one needs help, or you have information about drug distribution, threats of violence, or any other crimes occurring in the Town of Yarmouth, please contact the Yarmouth Police Department Detective Division at 508.775.0445 extension 2134.
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