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The Yarmouth Police Department has received the New England Association of Chiefs of Police Community Policing Award for 2012 and was presented with the extraordinary award during a special ceremony on Wednesday, February 27, 2013 at 10:00 AM at Yarmouth Police Headquarters.
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The Yarmouth Police Canine Unit was the first established canine unit on Cape Cod and originally deployed three canine teams. Yarmouth canine teams attended a sixteen week canine academy and are certified to assist patrol in various aspects of police work.  The most common functions of the Canine Unit are…

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Police Arrest Homeless Man for Meth Distribution (please read and share)

On Friday, December 2, 2016 at 2:00PM, Yarmouth Police Officers, Yarmouth Natural Resources Officers, and Cape Cod Hospital Security converged on the area of the former cranberry bogs off Bayview Street adjacent to Cape Cod Hospital.

The purpose of this pre-planned cooperative effort was to issue trespass notices to the homeless people that have established camps on the property and have become a nuisance to the surrounding neighborhood which has seen a spike in criminal behavior among some of the individuals; including a recent violent attack on a Yarmouth Natural Resources Police Officer.

At approximately 2:30PM, the team of Officer discovered a remote camp site that contained five tents. Officers announced their presence, but did not get a response from anyone inside the tents. When the Officers checked the tents to ensure no one was inside, two tents were found to contain the items generally associated with a 'shake and bake' or an improvised methamphetamine lab.

Officers found 5 gallon propane tanks, several dozen batteries, a burner, unlabeled 2 liter bottles with cloudy liquid, and an array of household chemicals. In one of the tents, Officers observed fresh and unspoiled food and two recent prescription bottles in the name of Stewart Catchings.

Officers immediately secured the scene and contacted the United States Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Administration. Upon seeing the pictures sent to them from the scene, the DEA activated and deployed their Clandestine Lab Unit, the Massachusetts State Police Bomb Squad, as well as the Massachusetts Hazardous Chemical response unit to the scene.

Shortly after locating this camp site, Officers found Catchings exiting the bog on a bicycle. He was detained and ultimately placed under arrest for manufacturing methamphetamine.

During the booking process at Yarmouth Police Department Headquarters, Yarmouth Police Proactive Anti-Crime Unit Officers spoke with Catchings and he stated that he "is a safe cook."

After rendering the scene safe, the following items were seized from the two tents:

• 2 liter bottle w unknown substance
• backpack containing 4 vials of powder/residue
• clear tube
• bottle of muriatic acid
• bottle of lye
• lighter fluid
• 32 oz. Coleman fuel
• coffee filters
• various hand tools
• energizer battery package
• box of cold pack
• bottle with residue
• clear tube w/ cap
• blue trash can
• assorted clear tubes
• Gatorade bottle with hole in cap
• Sudafed wrappers
• camping stove

Some of the items recovered tested positive for the presumptive presence of methamphetamine. The items with powder and unknown substances are being submitted to be analyzed at the crime lab.

Methamphetamine is a powerful, highly addictive stimulant that affects the central nervous system. Also known as meth, chalk, ice, and crystal, among many other terms, it takes the form of a white, odorless, bitter-tasting crystalline powder that easily dissolves in water or alcohol.

Catchings—who is well known to Cape Cod Law Enforcement—is currently being held at Yarmouth Police Department Headquarters on $10,000 cash bail. He is scheduled for arraignment in the Barnstable District Court on Monday, December 5, 2016.

The Yarmouth Police Department highly commends the work of each of the local, state, and federal Law Enforcement and Public Safety agencies involved in this dangerous case; as well as the members of Cape Cod Hospital Security Team.

The Yarmouth Police Department reminds everyone that no one is allowed on the property in question and anyone found in the area without permission is subject to immediate arrest.

Refer To Arrest: 16-1261-AR

This release was prepared and distributed by the Command Staff of the Yarmouth Police Department. For further information please call the Office of the Chief of Police at 508-775-0445 extension 2115 or email us at info@yarmouthpolice.com
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YPD Seeks Donations to Help Cape Cod Babies in Need
he Yarmouth Police Department is collecting donations for babies all across Cape Cod and selling special 2017 ‘Heroes for Babies’ Calendars.

A Baby Center is a non-profit program that collects items for Cape Cod and the Islands babies and families in need and is currently in need of:

• Diapers
• Baby Wipes
• Formula
• Shoes and Socks

In addition, A Baby Center created a beautiful calendar for 2017 featuring members of Cape Cod Law Enforcement and Public Safety and Babies that is for sale for $20. The Yarmouth Police Department is prominently featured in the calendar in the month of June!

The calendars are available at the following Yarmouth businesses:

• The Happy Fish Bakery 173 Route 6A Yarmouth Port
• Seaside Pediatrics 150 Ansel Hallet Road West Yarmouth
• Bass River Pediatrics 237 Station Avenue South Yarmouth
• Cooperative Bank of Cape Cod 121 Route 6A Yarmouth Port

Please stop in any time at Yarmouth Police Department Headquarters and drop off your donation and visit one of the locations listed to pick up your calendar. We only have a total of 40 to sell and they will go quickly!

This release was prepared and distributed by the Command Staff of the Yarmouth Police Department. For further information please call the Office of the Chief of Police at 508-775-0445 extension 2115 or email us at info@yarmouthpolice.com
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The YPD was very proud to have the family of fallen Yarmouth Police Department Patrol Officer Bradford M. Erickson be with us at evening shift Roll Call yesterday afternoon on the 16 year anniversary of his death in the line of duty.

Brad's wife Stephanie, his daughter Elizabeth, and family members sat in the roll call chairs and listened to a memorial speech and ceremony--were given a special Thin Blue Line Family Flag--and then took a tour of Yarmouth Police Department Headquarters, which is named in memory of Brad.

It was an incredible day and everyone was reminded of the never ending dangers and sacrifices made by the men and women---and families---of Law Enforcement.

Roll Call Speech:

16 years ago today, we were all heartbroken and we shall never, ever forget Brad. It is our duty as Yarmouth Police Officers to carry on his legacy.

We must stand tall together, unified by purpose, committed to the safety and well-being of others, and just as importantly, each other.

We have never forgotten and we never back down. Brad and the over 18,000 thousand brother and sister Police Officers killed in the line of duty all across America wouldn't want that, and so we must always watch each other’s backs, and always carry on.

Special Tribute to Brad:

I am a warrior,
I fight not for glory or fame,
For they are momentary.
I fight for those who can't.
I fight for justice, the oppressed and the down trodden.
And if I should lose my life for these just causes,
Then I have no regrets,
For I serve to protect the innocent.
It matters not where or when,
For evil knows no boundaries.
Be it fire, flood or the threat of tyranny, I will not flee.
Justice is my weapon. Faith my shield and Hope my armor.
Cry not at my passing for it was my Honor to fight for you.
Shed not tears of sorrow but tears of Joy,
For now, I stand with God.

Final Roll Call:

Patrol Officer Erickson…
Patrol Officer Brad Erickson…
Patrol Officer Bradford M. Erickson.

In Loving Honor and Memory of Yarmouth Police Department Patrol Officer Bradford M. Erickson killed in the line of duty 16 years ago today…December 1, 2000.


Moment of Silence

Amazing Grace
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Texting and driving.....It's Illegal and NEVER worth it. ... See MoreSee Less

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