The Yarmouth Police Department proudly employs a dedicated group of professional men and women who work daily in a concerted effort to deliver the best possible policing services to our residents, business community and our visitors…
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The Yarmouth Police Department has received the New England Association of Chiefs of Police Community Policing Award for 2012 and was presented with the extraordinary award during a special ceremony on Wednesday, February 27, 2013 at 10:00 AM at Yarmouth Police Headquarters.
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The Yarmouth Police Canine Unit was the first established canine unit on Cape Cod and originally deployed three canine teams. Yarmouth canine teams attended a sixteen week canine academy and are certified to assist patrol in various aspects of police work.  The most common functions of the Canine Unit are…

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We truly believe in keeping our Yarmouth community strong and informed about public safety topics as well as community resources and support services.  We hold many partnerships and joint initiatives with local business and government institutions to help provide a breadth of information and support
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Congratulations to Sandwich PD for winning the 2016 Childrens Cove Law Enforcement Chicken Wing Eating Contest held at the Irish Village in S. Yarmouth.

Team YPD gave it a great try and was barely edged out by Sandwich in the preliminary round.

Thank you to Childrens Cove for organizing this event that brings Cape Police Departments together and keeps our partnership strong in the fight against child sexual abuse and exploitation.
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Today residents have been called regarding the "Publishers Clearing House" Scam. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS!

If someone contacts you claiming to be from PCH, and tells you that you’ve won a prize award – then asks you to send a payment or money card in order to claim the prize – STOP! You have not heard from the real PCH. IT’S A SCAM!
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Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Response to Boston Globe Op Ed article regarding Question #4

The unfortunate position taken by the Boston Globe Editorial Board in support of Question #4 underscores the very problem that plagues the issue of legalizing recreational marijuana, that being the question “what can it hurt” or “what’s the big deal”? Despite strong objections by law enforcement personnel, legislators, Governor Baker, Mayor Walsh, Attorney General Healey, school superintendents, the Mass. Medical Society, sadly some people will be swayed by this liberal slant. The Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association strongly urges voters to vote NO on Question #4. Why?
1. The availability of edibles to children. THC-laced edibles, in the form of gummy bears, cookies and brownies, are ripe for fascination and consumption by children. We already have parents who fail to keep alcohol, prescription drugs and even guns safely away from children. Do we really need to add potent edibles to that list? In Colorado, hospital emergency department rates likely related to marijuana increased 49% since recreational marijuana was legalized there.
2. The immediate difficulty in prosecuting drivers impaired by marijuana consumption. There is currently no objective, quantifiable way to detect and verify the level of THC in a person’s system after using marijuana. How are we supposed to prosecute offenders? We do have an objective and scientifically quantifiable way to detect and verify alcohol in a driver’s system, but the science has NOT caught up to this issue yet, and NO SCIENCE WILL EQUAL NO CONVICTIONS. If a loved one of yours is the victim of a marijuana-impaired driver- who then goes unpunished- how will you feel? In Colorado, marijuana-related traffic deaths increased 62% in the first year that it was legalized.
3. Massachusetts clearly has an opioid addiction problem, and we hear of overdoses and overdose deaths every day. WHY would we legalize a substance that many professionals believe is the very gateway to experimentation with other, more dangerous substances?
4. This is NOT about your personal freedoms, it’s about a billion dollar business who wants to line their pockets at your expense. Follow the campaign donation money and you’ll see the big business bucks behind this initiative.
5. Medical marijuana is already legal in Massachusetts. Ignore the ridiculous add that features Dr. Susan Lucas, who implores you to provide relief for pain and an alternative to opioids. WE ALREADY HAVE THAT IN PLACE.
6. The legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado, Oregon and Washington State has been a social and public health disaster that has increased crime and failed to be the tax windfall that was promised.
Your Massachusetts Chiefs of Police have nothing to gain financially from the legalization of recreational marijuana. Our only goal is to keep our residents and communities safe. We travelled to Colorado to see first-hand what has occurred there. As the law enforcement professionals that you both know and trust in your communities, we implore you to VOTE NO ON QUESTION 4. Thank you.
Chief Mark K. Leahy (Ret.)
Executive Director
Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association
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