YPD Employee Directory

Employee Phone Extension DirectoryYarmouth Police Department Badge Image
To leave a message for a specific employee please dial (508)775-0445 then enter the four digit extension listed next to their name. For Dispatch enter 2100 or press 0.  To email, click on the name of the employee you wish to contact.

For emergencies use 9-1-1.


Name Rank Ext#
Frederickson, Frank Chief 2156
Kevin Lennon Deputy Chief 2150
Bryant, Michael Lieutenant 2122
O’Malley, Andrew Lieutenant 2341
Boghdan, Kalil Sergeant 2313
Britt, Gerard Sergeant 2315
Donohue, Neal Sergeant 2136
Fallon, John Sergeant 2320
Hennessey, Francis Sergeant 2327
Hennessey, Thomas Sergeant 2328
McEachern, Christopher Sergeant 2336
Warren, Walter Sergeant 2351
Giammarco, Russell Detective 2129
Lundegren, Scott Detective 2332
Nuss, Eric Detective 2132
Renzi, Stephen Detective 2118
Kramer, Michael K-9 Officer 2330
Thibeault, Marc K-9 Officer 2348
Alden, Melissa Patrol Officer 2311
Ambrosini, Nicholas Patrol Officer 2356
Antonovitch, Kevin Patrol Officer 2312
Aprea, Richard Patrol Officer 6088
Batchelder, Jason Patrol Officer 6090
Carchedi, Brian Patrol Officer 2371
Cheverie, James M. Patrol Officer 2136
Coville, Andrew Patrol Officer 2370
Cruz, Paulo Patrol Officer 2355
Dickey, David Patrol Officer 2319
Fichter Jr., Richard Patrol Officer 2321
Geary, Sean Patrol Officer 2366
Giammarco, Nicholas Patrol Officer 2367
Gibbons, Gordon Patrol Officer 2170
Gibney, Mary Patrol Officer 2324
Haire, Justin A. Patrol Officer 2326
Kent, Christopher Patrol Officer 2326
Lanata, Jr., John Patrol Officer 6048
Magnuson, Philip Patrol Officer 2333
Marino, Christopher Patrol Officer 2334
Mellett, Paul Patrol Officer 2337
Nickinello, Louis Patrol Officer 2338
Niezgoda, Brian Patrol Officer 2339
Noone, Mark Patrol Officer 2340
Nugent Gomsey, C. Patrol Officer 2325
Schneeweis, David Patrol Officer 2344
Sheehan, Matthew Patrol Officer 2422
Tsoukalas, George Patrol Officer 2349
Wells, Diana Patrol Officer 6049
Wells, Michael Patrol Officer 2358
Wenberg, Erica Patrol Officer 2352
White, Richard Patrol Officer 2353
Zontini, Michael Patrol Officer 2354
Capobianco, Chris Court Officer 2138
Sprague, Albert Records Officer 2346
Brewer, Sean W. School Resource Officer 2314
Pasquarosa, Nicholas School Resource Officer 2342
Brown, Katie Dispatcher 2369
Curtis, Maria Dispatcher 2318
Eccleston, Christopher Dispatcher 2418
Fogarty, Jayne Dispatcher 2322
Kubiak, Michael Dispatcher 6042
Leidenfrost, Paul Dispatcher 6035
Leighton, Jenifer Dispatcher 2368
Peterson, Stephen Dispatcher 2343
Bohane, Nicole Support Staff 2115
Gomsey, John Support Staff 2164
Jacobson, Cheryl Support Staff 2154
Lavin, Dorothy Support Staff 2120
Lowe, Kelly Support Staff 2117
Nixon, Colleen Support Staff 2121