Bike Patrol

The Yarmouth Police Department began a uniformed Bicycle Patrol Unit in the summer of 1995. The goal of the program was to localize police coverage and bring the department closer in touch with the community. The unit started out with six bicycle officers and four bicycles. Since then it has grown to a total of twenty-one officers and twelve bicycles.

All bicycle officers receive specialized training before patrolling. They can perform most of the same duties that an officer in a cruiser would perform. The primary patrol area for bicycle officers is the compact parts of the town. In addition to answering calls for service, bicycle officers enforce traffic and pedestrian and bicycle laws as well. Bicycle officers also have been involved with providing bicycle safety classes to all the elementary schools in the town and conducting a yearly bicycle rodeo.

The purpose of the bike patrol is to increase patrol coverage in areas where traditional vehicles cannot access. Bike officers on their mount easily maneuver parks, alleys, and shopping districts.

Officers are easily distinguished from civilians as they are outfitted with special police uniforms. The uniforms are designed to allow better flexibility so that the officers are not limited in their abilities. Comfort is of the utmost importance. For this reason shorts or BDU pants are worn with short-sleeved shirts. Emblazoned across back of the shirt is the word POLICE. A traditional gun belt is worn with all of its accessories.

Bikes are fitted with a dual beam halogen headlight, flashing lights to the front and rear and a carryall containing first aid supplies and other necessary equipment. To secure the bike while dismounted, typical handcuffs or chain is used.

COBWEB Certified Bike Patrol Officers

Lieutenant Kevin Lennon
Lieutenant Andrew O’Malley
Sergeant George Tsoukalas
Patrol Officer Brian Niezgoda
Patrol Officer Lou Nickinello
Patrol Officer David Dickey
Patrol Officer Paul Mellett
Patrol Officer Chris Capobianco
Patrol Officer Scott Lundegren
Patrol Officer Sean Brewer
Patrol Officer Erica Wenberg
Patrol Officer Paulo Cruz
Patrol Officer Michael Wells
Patrol Officer Sean Gannon
Patrol Officer Mark Noone
Patrol Officer John Lanata
Patrol Officer Sean Geary
Patrol Officer Alex Xiarhos
Patrol Officer Connor Burnham
Patrol Officer Jeff Rivett