Yarmouth Police Department recognizes our Public Safety Telecommunicators during National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week.  On behalf of the men and women of the Yarmouth Police Department, we thank all Town of Yarmouth Public Safety Telecommunicators who will always be there to answer the call, providing an indispensable service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Working in coordination with the dedicated Emergency 911 Dispatchers at the Yarmouth Fire Department, Emergency 911 dispatchers are responsible for receiving incoming emergency calls, prioritizing calls based on the nature of an emergency, providing instructions on life-saving emergency medical interventions, and dispatching the proper emergency personnel.

Emergency 911 Dispatchers ensure the appropriate assistance is provided, whether it is sending a Police Officer to respond to a call, or Yarmouth Fire, Natural Resources, Highway, or other Emergency Services.

In addition, Yarmouth Police Department Emergency 911 Dispatchers are in constant radio communication with our Patrol Officers, often assisting them by looking up vehicle identification, license plate and driver license numbers, or by running checks for wanted subjects.

Our Police Dispatchers are required to multi-task with a number of phone lines, computer systems, and radios as well as handle concerns of citizens who come into our lobby. One of their most crucial roles is to maintain communication with our officers and provide information critical for their safety.

All Yarmouth Police Emergency 911 Dispatchers have earned certification as Public Safety Telecommunicators and have one of the most demanding jobs in Public Safety.

Our Yarmouth Police Department Emergency 911 Police Dispatchers are:

Maria Curtis
Maria is our senior Dispatcher and is currently in her 18th year of fulltime service as a Yarmouth Police Dispatcher.
Dispatcher Curtis was named the Yarmouth Police Department Dispatcher of the Year in 2015. Prior to serving with the Yarmouth Police Department Dispatcher Curtis served as a Police Dispatcher for 13 years with the Eastham Police Department.
Dispatcher Curtis has a wide variety of training and certificates and has earned several Departmental Awards and Commendations including 911 Emergency Police Dispatcher of the Year in 2017.
In addition Dispatcher Curtis serves as the Leader of our Volunteers n Policing Program and is our Criminal History Systems Board LEAPS/CJIS representative and E911 Telecommunications Board Coordinator.

Paul Leidenfrost
Paul is in his 10th year of fulltime service as a Yarmouth Police Dispatcher and received the Yarmouth Police Department Dispatcher of the Year Award in 2014. Dispatcher Leidenfrost is highly trained with a wide range of professional public safety experience and service.
Dispatcher Leidenfrost has previously served for 9 years as a fulltime Police Dispatcher with the New Jersey State Police and for 1 year with the Barnstable County Sheriff’s Office. Dispatcher Leidenfrost is a Certified Emergency Medical Technician and the recipient of the prestigious American Ambulance Association Star of Life Award. In addition, Dispatcher Leidenfrost formerly served as an auxiliary Police Officer and Dispatcher with the Green brook Police Department in New Jersey and is a graduate of Midland Park High School.

Sean Ryan
Sean is in his 6th year of fulltime service with the Yarmouth Police Department. Dispatcher Ryan also serves as a Yarmouth Police Department Reserve Police Officer.
Dispatcher Ryan is a Class of 1995 graduate of Dennis-Yarmouth Regional High School and the Massachusetts Municipal Police Officer Reserve Intermittent Police Academy. In addition, he has attended Cape Cod Community College and the University of Massachusetts.

Kerrie Pentland
Kerrie is her 6th year of service. Prior to joining the Yarmouth Police Department, Dispatcher Pentland served as a Police Dispatcher with the Chatham and Harwich Police Departments.
Dispatcher Pentland is a Class of 1994 graduate of Dennis-Yarmouth Regional High School and has attended Bridgewater State University.

Kelly Waugh
Kelly is in her 3rd year of service. Dispatcher Waugh has an Associate Degree in Arts from Cape Cod Community College and is a graduate of Barnstable High School.

Jaime Sundby
Jamie is approaching the anniversary date for her 2nd year of service. Dispatcher Sundby previously served as 911 Police and Fire Dispatcher Barnstable County Sheriff’s Office and also served as 911 Police and Fire Dispatcher Fairfax County Department of Public Safety Fairfax, Virginia. Dispatcher Sundby is a graduate of Nauset Regional High School. Dispatcher Sundby was the recipient of the 2019 911 Emergency Police Dispatcher of the Year Award.


Sarah Chase

Sarah has just started and is in her first few months of service. Dispatcher Chase is replacing Yarmouth Police Emergency 911Dispatcher Ariana Rogers who left the agency to pursue a career in physical fitness and yoga instruction.  Dispatcher Rogers proudly served the police department for several years and remains on in a part-time capacity.

Emergency 911 Dispatchers
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